Handmade by Sue

I sat waiting at a local coffee shop for Sue to arrive, she had said to watch for the curly hair that you cannot miss; I knew who she was instantly as she walked over. We shook hands and sat down to begin my first interview for my ‘Get to know Local,” project! I cannot wait till you meet Sue and get to know her as I was able to!

Sue creates the most incredible hand made cards, these cards are far from boring and are filled with personality, detail, uniqueness, and professionalism. They wowed me that is for sure.

I wish to welcome you to, Handmade by Sue.

23 copy

Sue and her artistic journey began in 2002 when she was sent a handmade card from a friend in B.C. Sue admired the card so much and as she looked at it and a thought popped into her head,  Sue thought…”Well I could make these.”

Sue next sat and took the card apart and looked it over, learned from it and attempted her own. She of course put her gift card back together but after that first card the creative bug caught her. Sue was off! Sue started making cards for family and friends.

Sue suffers from chronic back pain and she said she found that when she began this journey that it was a form of therapy for her.

11 copy

Sue started to expand in 2008 to more than family and friends, the word was getting out! 2010 marked a real change for Sue as her “Welcome to your new home,” cards were carried by local real estate professionals and in 2011 her entire ever changing unique line was being sold in 5 local retail shops!

From the coffee shop we moved on and headed over to her office, where the magic happens! 20 copy

Due to Sue’s back issues her entire studio space is custom built by her wonderful Father in Law! Sue spends some time at her computer desk for a short while then switches to her table that she stands in front. Sue has found that creating these cards in this wonderful custom space has actually helped her back and her life. Notice the custom foot rest as well?

19 copy

A card sits on her keyboard waiting for completion.

17 copy

Just look at some of her paper collection!!!!

25 copy

A beautiful card can be seen in the photo above, in the process of being made. I love the snowflakes! 21 copy

Stamps, stamps and MORE stamps…this is not even the last of them!

I asked Sue where she saw herself in the future. Right where I could see her too, Sue’s goal is 5-10 years till she is creating in a store of her own.

Sue says that Christmas is probably the biggest event that she makes her cards for. To meet the demand for her cards in general Sue needs to make 4 cards a day on average, that is her goal. To meet the Christmas demands Sue begins those cards in July!! This way she can ensure that she does not run out and that all her clients get their cards, and all of her family is able to have their cards as well.

Sue loves her ribbon, her eyes lit up when she spoke of one of her most special…the brilliant red ribbon below.

4 copy

Look at more of her beautiful materials show in the photos below!

27 copy

22 copy

15 copy

14 copy

So much creativity could be found in every corner of her studio space!

12 copy

Last year Sue sold 1,100 cards!!!!! So impressive! This year Sue has set the goal of that and more…I have no doubt she will reach that goal as Sue has already sold 834 cards this year so far and we have a lot of year still left.

Sue’s cards have reached as far as Nunavut!

9 copy

I was privileged to be able to look through a box of wonderful art, I can honestly say that each one I loved even more that I could not pick a favourite card. There were too many that I fell in love with! I was partial to the incredible cards that have a small bit of paper in them that hold seeds!! Sue makes cards for any occasion, even Weddings!!

10 copy

I asked Sue how she creates, if there is anything she has that inspires her while she works. One word…..MUSIC

13 copy

Sue usually has on Magic 100 or Y101, depending on her mood she says. Sue joins in along with the radio, singing her heart out while she works her art! All the while her beautiful rescue cat and friend Craiggers lays close by. Can you not just picture that?!

2 copy 1 copy

Sue’s cards can be found through her directly, Sue’s facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/HandmadeBySue

Sue is proud to have her cards at these 5 Ottawa area locations

‘Sue Sweets,’ at Westgate

‘Maine Level Salon,’ in Kanata

‘Sunshine’s Now and Then,’ in Carleton Place

‘End of the Line, in Quebec

and ‘Mau gift baskets,’ in Orleans

Sue’s cards can be purchased for $3-8 depending or you can get a box set of cards for $30-45

I highly recommend checking out Sue and her work for it is truly beautiful art.

Thanks so much for allowing me to interview you Sue! I had a wonderful time!

7 copy

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One thought on “Handmade by Sue

  1. Monique on said:

    Oh my goodness, what gorgeous cards! Sue sounds like such a lovely inspiring lady!
    This was awesome, I’m glad you’re doing interviews for these amazing people and businesses! Great job (and photography!!)

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